Our Vision for Fire Station!

The goal is to raise £75,000 to kit out the brand new Fire Station!

Over the last 6 years, we’ve invested over £300,000 in the Cake Shop Bakery and Fire Station giving us a great platform to build on. The rent is covered by us as are all the running costs like rates and staff salaries, so every penny you invest will go on the exciting bits like ovens and furniture!

We’ve already started work by ripping out the old ovens from the bakery!

The majority of the investment will go on the new kitchen, the beating heart of the operation, providing new wall coverings, ovens and other equipment. It will also pay for new tables, and chairs, new toilets and two delivery bikes (one pedal pike and one scooter) so we can deliver wood-fired pizzas.

Woodbridge is a beautiful town in Suffolk, a true wonder - so good in fact it was the seat of an Anglo-Saxon super king. The river is stunning and the community spirit is excellent, lots of artists, fun people and friendly faces. There is a rail link to London (under 2hrs) and great for Summer visitors. We want to cater for the people in Suffolk and tap into the booming seasonal trade too.

Polly Robinson