Our Kickstarter is live!

We’re going to transform our 73 year old family bakery and newer Fire Station Café into an awesome all-day restaurant celebrating food cooked with fire but we need your help to make it happen!

Our vision is to create a restaurant and café with a fun vibe celebrating food cooked with fire - the best bread, coffee and wood-fired pizzas as well as Stevenson’s burgers and BBQ food. We’ll be open all day serving for a great coffee and pastries for breakfast or a birthday bash with friends and music until the early hours!

We’re so excited to be working with YouTuber and TV star, DJ BBQ, aka Christian Stevenson who’s been part of the project from the start. Christian has been cooking fire food at festivals across the UK for years and has published several books. He’s always dreamt of opening a restaurant - he says:

“People try my food at festivals and tell me ‘it’s the best food they’ve ever eaten, not just at festivals, ever - where’s your restaurant?’. Now I finally have the chance to open my restaurant in Woodbridge where people can get my food all year round.”

For David Wright, who’s grandparents opened the Cake Shop Bakery in 1946 and who has spent the last few years evolving the business for today’s customers, this Kickstarter campaign is a chance to guarantee the future of the business for future generations. David says:

“It's been well documented that bakeries, high street shops and restaurants are all struggling. We are very lucky to have some great resources built over three generations, and I am lucky to have friends like Christian who are experts in their field. Making the most of what we have and showing that there is life in an established business is what we've done for over 70 years. Now we must adapt, take some risks and go all in so that the business is still going for my grandchildren to enjoy. We want to have fun, show off our talent and provide for our families.”

We hope you’ll join us on our journey! We’ve created some great rewards as thanks for supporting us from from a limited edition badge by Lewis Heriz for £5 contribution, a shout out on DJ BBQ’s YouTube channel for £15, a Fire Station coffee subscription for £30, right up to a VIP launch party invite for £200 and 4 VIP tickets to Camp Bestival for £1000 and David and Christian visiting your house for a BBQ Cookout for 12 people for £300!

Our Kickstarter page goes live on Thursday April 4th! We hope you’ll join us on our journey!

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Polly Robinson