Who is DJ BBQ?

I first met DJ BBQ, otherwise known as Christian, back in 2014 at Camp Bestival and we became friends over a few drinks when he told me that my brioche buns made the best burger buns he’d ever eaten - we’ve been supplying him burger buns for all his events and festivals ever since.

Last year we started bouncing around ideas for a new project to create something special and for Christian to have his first bricks & mortar restaurant where people could eat his food all year round, not just at festivals. Christian will be moving to Woodbridge with his three boys and will be involved in the new restaurant on a daily basis….

DJ BBQ is a live fire chef and a leading name in the world of BBQ with his own YouTube channel with 175,000 followers and a regular on Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube. After a successful broadcasting career fronting shows for MTV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 (including BAFTA-winning Rad), he harnessed his passion for cooking over fire. He regularly hosts festivals including Meatopia, The Big Feastival, Camp Bestival and The Big Grill.

Christian says: “This in an incredible opportunity for me to team up with David, who in my opinion is the best baker in the world. Combining his skillset with my knowledge of meat and fat gives us an unbeatable offer to open a restaurant in Woodbridge!”

“I’ve been coming to Suffolk for five years to host Jimmy’s Festival and staying with Jimmy Doherty and his family and I’ve come to love thea area and really exciting to be moving here with my three boys to bring them up in the beautiful town of Woodbridge. I also like the idea that the area was home to an American airbase and to be bringing a little bit of America back to Suffolk!”

Polly Robinson